West Virginia Field Day 2001

The group of snap shots below are pretty well self explanatory I believe!  Enjoy!

Below - Dis is Da "Tractor Beam" set up Designed by Da Bear, KE8NK!  And you thought a Tractor Beam was something from a science fiction show!  Da Tractor is also used to raise and lower Da Tower as well as Da Guy Point!  Da Bracket is Da Bear's own Design.  It permits Da Beam to lay sideways on Da Ground and it flops over to horizontal when Da Tower goes up.  It permits safe raising and lowering of Da Beam without anyone having to climb Da Tower.  Da Switch switches between Da Beam and Da Fan Dipole for Da Resta Da Bands.  Da Rotor Control controls Da Rotor which turns Da Beam.  Duh!


The snap shots below were provided by Dave, N8DRM.  The first one shows KC8UAW and W8ED having a bit of fun at one of the popular stops between Dayton and West Virginia - Schmidt's Sausage Haus in German Village in Columbus, Ohio!  In the next shot, WB8NSL shows off his new "Skytek" tuned cavity CW speaker.  Below NSL and ZWJ relax late Sunday morning after their late night CW shift.



This just in - July of 2012!

Randy, then AB8CO and now KD8OEA has found more photos from the Field Day 2001 event!



Randy catches a shot of David and Fast Eddie posing while Zed W. Jay and DRM take shots.


We have arrived at WB8NLS's!  Time for a cigar...


and a beer!


We have arrived at Da Bear's - KE8NK near Harrisville, WV.


Da Bear's new outdoor relief post!  Or, you may want to call it "The Blue Room"!  :-)


Making tower preparations to secure the rotor and beam.


Hmm, think Da Bear is changing the oil on the rotor!


ZWJ and DRM enjoy cigars during the preparations.


Da Beam is attached.


Taping wires to the tower.


Da tractor pulled up the tower and Da Bear is pounding in a stake to guy the tower.


Preparing the fan dipole for erection.



Dere's Da Beam!




Da Bear prepares to pour Beargaritas!


NSL shows off his new Skytek CW cavity speaker!



Here's the group from the P&H Restaurant.

Hmm, I guess Fast Eddie just met us for lunch in Columbus but did not make the trip to WV?


It is 2PM and we are on the air!


Da Bear - Don - KE8NK operates while David KC8UAW logs.


The operations tent...


Charlie - KW8R logging and Lori - KC8ILA operating.


David - KC8UAW operating...


David operating and Don - KE8NK logging...




R&R in "The Annex"



ZWJ rests his eyes after playing CW most of the night...


ZWJ and NSL racking them and stacking them!  NSL logs for ZWJ on the late shift!


"The Annex"


ZWJ says "It is with great honor and privilege...blah blah blah"...


And with that David - KC8UAW has been assimilated!


Group photo under the Tractor Beam!


Many thanks to Randy for finally coming forward with these OLD photos!  What fun!