West Virginia Field Day 2002

N8KXM, N8DRM and WA8ZWJ prepare for another trek to West Virginia for Field Day - Does it really take that much stuff for three guys for three days?

One of the traditions that has been established over the years is a Friday night "Solving the world's problems" session accompanied by Da Bear's own mixture of "Beargaritas" better known as "Field Day Soda"!

Optical illusion - the tower is really straight - it was checked with a level - after being in West Virginia for a few days you get used to standing/leaning on an angle.

In May at HamVention Charlie, WB8NSL purchased a new dual band rig for his truck.  Imagine our surprise when we discovered that here it was the end of June and he still had not installed it!  The visiting Dayton contingent could not permit that gross oversight to continue, so, N8KXM, N8DRM and W8ED installed it for him while he pondered taking a shower!

WB8NSL thanks N8DRM, of the radio installation team, for his efforts!  Yet another Field Day has come to an end.  :-(