West Virginia Field Day 2003

This was the year that the Dayton area IOOK Field Day attendees became the "Field Day Assault Team"!  This team of Field Day Specialists assaulted the Harrisville, West Virginia IOOK Field Day site hosted by Da Bear, KE8NK!  The Assault Team consisted of Fast "Flow Manager" Eddie, W8ED; "Dealin' Dave", N8DRM; David "Dr. Miller" KC8UAW; "Fist" Farley, WA8ZWJ; "Rousting" Randy, AB8CO and Lou "Potato Gun" Pauly, N8KXM.   As a special surprise, our illustrious President for three lifetimes KBob, W8JUK and his XYL, Rosie, W4RZF attended the activity from Kill Devil Hills, NC. 

In the picture below you see Lou attaching a temporary dual band antenna to the motor coach "Assault Vehicle", a copy of the "Assault Team" ID Badge, one of our SSTV slides with KBob as the poster child, the Assault Team from Dayton, WB8NSL being presented his IOOK monogrammed underwear, The IOOK Field Day Operating Crew at our breakfast spot - The P&H (officially known as the Pennsboro & Harrisville but affectionately known to all as the "Puke and Hurl"), GrandPauly, a panorama shot of the Field Day site, "Fist" Farley catching some needed zzz's after working his 2AM till 8AM CW shift, the Field Day Team at the temporary tower site, and "Dr. Miller" stacking some zzz's on the way home from Field Day.

The Field Day Crew consisted of: L to R - AB8CO, KC8UAW, KE8NK, W8ED, N8KXM, WB8NSL, W8JUK, N8DRM, WA8ZWJ.  Not pictured above but included as operators were WS8C, John; KC8ILA, Lori; KW8R, Charlie