WV FD '94


Randy, AB8CO recently found these snap shots from the 1994 West Virginia Field Day.  In this first set we see preparations for the erection of the tower at the "A" frame that WB8NSL's dad owned.  Everett Dotson (Charlie's dad) is shown in the upper left of panel number 2 and in the center of the picture in panel 4 of this set.  I am sure you will recognize many of the participants:  WA8ZWJ, N8KXM, WB8NSL, KA8ZBW, W8ED, KE8NK, WD8BOT & KB8HEK.  Panel 6 shows Zed W. Jay fishing a line into the tree for a dipole support.  Panels 7 and 8 show the weather and sound tarp for the operation.  With the generators over the hill and under the tarp the sound was projected away from the operating area.  We used two generators - one for the transceiver and incidentals and the other for the amplifier.  The last two panels show the operating position in the "A" frame.  If you look closely at panel number 9 you will see the stuffed bear that is on a shelf over the position.

Above left you see WA8ZWJ operating and W8ED duping.  Above right you see AB8CO operating and W8ED continuing to dupe.  Below left you see W8ED still duping and KA8ZBW operating.  Several nice shots of the "A" frame and pond follow the operating shots.  Finally, our traditional shot of the cooler stack.  This is prior to the use of "The Unit" at FD, so, it was necessary to bring enough coolers to keep the beer cold!

The final shot in this series show AB8CO receiving his honorary "T" shirt and being inducted into the IOOK!  Yay Randy!

Thanks to Randy for submitting these snap shots.  It is great to finally have a set to remember this year's WV FD outing!