BARF Field Day 2007

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Field Day 2007

BARF breakfast will be 9 am Sat. June 23 at the Hungry Tummy.  We will  go directly to Benzonia Village Park after breakfast and start set up  for Field Day, about 10:30 am.  Tear down will start 2:01 pm Sunday.

Field Day on air operation will start at 2 pm Saturday and end at 2 pm Sunday.  See ARRL web site for rules.

This year we will use 3 transmitters but operate as CLASS 2A, as one transmitter will be our 6 meters and hopefully a satellite station on 2M & 440, these do not count as an extra xmtr class.  We will use the MCC again this year.  We will set a new digital station for public demonstration.

This station will be put together by KF8KK and is a great package everyone should see it and get instructions on operation!  We will operated on 12 V batteries/generators and use  W8BNZ  as our call.

There will be a family picnic at 6 pm Saturday.  Bring a dish to pass.  The DELL'S are furnishing the stuff to burn on KG8ZA'S grill and table service.  This year we will take up a collection to help pay for the Dell's food.  I will furnish the soft drinks.

Field Day serves many purposes.  It gives us practice in setting up communications in case of emergency, provides contest operation, gives all of us a chance to know each other better and helps us educate the public on Ham Radio.  Please invite your friends and neighbors to come.

Everyone is encouraged to operate any or all xmtrs and help in setup/tear down if you can.  We plan on using SSB,CW,Digital
 operation this year.  Please practice using the proper phonetics,  A.. Alfa, K.. Kilo, T.. Tango  ETC.  This will help when you are operating during an emergency and need to make clarification of your words .


 1.  Your F.C.C. operator license.
 2.  Your favorite key, bug, if you are operating CW.  KC8PCQ & N7LMJ will be hot at PSK31
 3.  Your favorite headphones, if you operate best that way.
 4.  A few hand tools.

 If you are going to stay after dark and/or through the night:

 5.  A flashlight.
 6.  Insect repellent, the bugs like to eat too.
 7.  A sweater or jacket.  It gets pretty cold by 3 or 4  in the  morning.

 Things you may need, to make yourself more comfortable:

 8.  Sun Screen, you will feel better the next day if you use it !
 9.  A towel and washcloth.
 10. A hat or cap.
 11. Sunglasses.
 12. First Aid Kit.
 13. Roll of toilet tissue (in case the portable toilet runs out)

 Be sure to mark everything with your name or call sign so what you
 forget can be returned to you.

Look forward to seeing ALL of you at Field Day.





Benzie County Hams gear up to set long distance contact records and practice emergency communication skills.

  On June 23rd,  2007 many Benzie County Amateur Radio operators will work round the clock this weekend to set up field radio communication stations, get on the air, and contact hundreds of other operators in the US and Canada as part of participation in the American Radio Relay League’s Field Day.  

According to Tom Schoonover of Benzie Amateur Radio Friends and Amateur Radio Public Service Corps, Field Day is the annual “shakedown run” for the ARRL’s National Field Organization.

“Field Day is a way for hams to get outdoors and have fun under some difficult conditions,” Tom says.  But it’s also a chance to fine-tune emergency communication skills.  We use generators and battery power, and we set up antennas in the field.  The idea is to put together a self-sufficient, working station quickly and begin making contacts.”

The ARRL Field Organization has been effective in establishing emergency communications during floods, hurricanes, fires, earthquakes and other major disasters.  Members of formal emergency organizations such as the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) and the Radio Amateur Civil  Emergency Services (RACES) regularly participate.

Benzie Amateur Radio Friends Field Day operations will be at Benzonia Village Park. An information table will be provided where the public can receive printed material, talk to the Hams, and take a tour of the County Emergency Mobile Command vehicle.  Set up begins at 11:00 A.M. Saturday June 23, communication operations start at 2PM the 23th and end at 2P.M. June 24th.  The public is invited.  For more information, contact Tom Schoonover, K8BTE, at 882-4294.


Below is the newspaper article as it appeared on June 20, 2007 in the Benzie County Record Patriot.  The article has been reorganized to fit the page, but the content is as it appeared except the picture has been added to fill in the blank space.








B.A.R.F. Field Day 2007


Operators, Loggers, Setter Ups, Taker Downs, Supervisors, Grill Operators, Food Providers, Shutterbug.Who took Part in this Years Outing.


Name                              Call                

Dave Cartlidge                        WB4PHC                    

Betty Dell                                KC8PCQ                       

Dave Dell                                W8TVC

Mike Dell                                N7LMJ

Rick Gnich                              KI8MET                        

Gene Hutson                           N8CG      

George Laubach                     KG8ZA                          

John Martin                            KF8KK

Ted Meier                                KD8BXJ

Bill Parris                                AA4R                             

Paul Rauth                              WB8BPO

Tom Schoonover                      K8BTE                          

Beverley Stoner                        K8ZJU                         


Management takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the above estimated hours  


N7LMJ, KC8PCQ, W8TVC, K8ZJU - Their sleep time was not counted in the total estimated hours.

Visiting Hams

Dave Cartlidge                         WB4PHC

Jim Farley                                KA8SFL

Mary Davis                              KC8OOB

Joey Parris                               N4NPT

Rick Gnich                               KI8MET

Luann Seymour                        KC8SZM

John Seymour                          AB8MM

Visiting VIP

Bill Sholten                     EMC Benzie County

Rory Heckman               Under Sheriff Benzie County


The final figures have final been totaled and all information including 17 pages of logs sent to ARRL headquarters today. The full documentation will be available for viewing at the BARF breakfast on July 28.  Listed below is a summarization of the results.

Sideband Contacts  498

PSK 31 Contacts    46

CW  Contacts        34

Total  Contacts   578

States contacted  46

Provinces             7

Thanks again to everyone who participated in Field Day 2007



All who participated in this years Field Day.  We had 12 Hams who operated and or helped in setup--teardown.

If you did not make it this year you missed a Great Field Day and some good FOOD.

Thanks to KC8PCQ & W8TVC for furnishing the food for a wonderful family cookout Saturday evening, to KG8ZA for furnishing the grill, to K8ZJU for the B & B (Breakfast by Beverley) on Sunday morning for all the overnighters and any other early birds.  Thanks to Bill Sholten Benzie Co. EMC for furnishing us the MCC as one of our operating positions.  Bill also visited with us at the conclusion of F.D. and shared his thoughts on overall emergency preparedness for us and the public in general.

Thanks for the visit from KC8OOB who also filled us in on KC8OOC, to KD8BXK for bringing her family by to take an educational tour of our operation.

Statistical info on total operation to follow shortly.