IOOK Field Days 2015





De Dick - WB5TUG and Marilyn - AC5TQ

This picture is at the Hildago County Texas EOC in the Rio Grande Valley.  Look for the IOOK hat behind Marilyn.



Bill - WZ1L sent along the next four shots.  Here is what Bill has to say...


The F.D. site is at the West Newbury Safety Complex.

10 people helped set up

2 wire dipole, 80 through 10 Meters working 2A Section EMA.


Note they are in a vacant garage rather than a tent.  Generator is on back of building.


Logging on paper logs with duplicate logs using N1MM Contest Log Software.


Heavy rains and winds <> 40 mph over night.  I opt to man sump pump at home, conditions to get worse over night and through Sunday PM.

Bill Poulin, WZ1L



This next batch of photos were submitted by Charlie - WB8NSL.  The title of his e-mail was "Just Before Deluge of Rain" so he is lucky to have gotten these shots.  Charlie says...

W8PAR - 4a had their usual beautiful Fort Boreman Park area set up for FD 2015.


Fort Boreman was very strategic to the Union forces in the Civil War with its overlooking   position across the Little Kanawha River at Parkersburg, WV.


The height advantage gave them the upper hand in protecting the B&O Railroad bridge and controlling boat traffic on the Ohio River and Little Kanawha. 


There were only five cannons there at any time.


The cabin pictured belongs to the Civil War Re-enactors.

Before the Civil War it was known as Mount Logan, an ancient Indian burial mound.  In

1863 the name was changed to Ft. Boreman to honor Arthur Boreman, first governor of WV.

Power was photo cells and from the great 4 kW 1800 rpm Onan generator.


WB8NSL was only there for just about one hour for his "I.O.O.K. Vice Presidential" tour of the Field Day facility.  Heard late Sunday that the W8PAR station accumulated 320 CW contacts and 220 SSB contacts in addition to their UHF/VHF effort in the contest period.

Would be hard to stay "contest focused" in such a nice spot for the weekend.

Charlie D. from "wild and wonderful"  WV.



This batch of photos are from the BARF (Benzie Amateur Radio Friends) Field Day!

BNZ is short for Benzie - as in Benzie County


Rob - W8REJ hard at work!


BARF Field Day Chef Dave - W8TVC


Rob - W8REJ


Mike - KG8CW and his XYL Susan - KC8DAS


Looks like Rob might be checking his eyelids for leaks!  :-)


Mike - KG8CW operating the phone station in Dave and Betty's camper...


Mike from another angle...


Bill - AA4R operating the CW station in the comm van...


The mobile command center...



Charlie - NN3V sent along the next four shots.  He says...


The first shot is the humble abode I used for FD.


The second shot is the manner in which my club filled the water counterweights we use on our tower installations.


The next shot is a picture of one of the 5 towers we set up in a field for the club's FD.


This shot is a picture of the central kiosk section of our FD site.

Don't believe what you think!  Charlie



This was sent in by Tom - W3TOM...

The epic rain over the weekend prevented me from taking my Nikon out of the case. So unfortunately no photos were taken... Many thanks for the offer to post them…

Over the weekend I visited 18 FD sites in PA & MD traveling 1,265 miles... 

What an adventure!

73, Tom - W3TOM


The next set of photos were sent in by Loyd - K8EI...

Loyd participated in the Woodbridge Wireless ARC's Field Day.

The first photo shows all CW antennas on one AB-577.   At the bottom is the Bencher Skyhawk for 20, 15, & 10 meters.  Between it and the driven element of a Cushcraft 2 element 40 meter beam is a homemade support for an 80 meter turnstile antenna - 5 bands on one AB-577.  There are 8 five foot sections putting the top at 40 feet.  The tri-band beam was fed with a Dunestar HF Triplexer which worked quite well.


The second photo shows the setup of W4RM’s 80, 15, & 10 meter position.


The 3rd photo shows the SSB A3 tri-bander ready to be raised to 40 feet.


The 4th photo shows Larry, K0LB, in the foreground and Terry, WA5NTI, in the background at the digital operating position (Flex transceiver to the left of the big screen).  We ended up in Class 8A with a claimed score of 15,716 which beats the winning 2014 score of 14,924.


3 more of the digital operation in a small trailer.

Digital antenna…


Scott -KK4SNO operating…


Terry - WA5NTI operating…

Hopefully I’ll get a few more pix.  This is a start.


Loyd Davis, K8EI@ARRL.Net


This was sent in by Ron - W6KJ...



Here's Keith - WA8ZWJ giving out a few Field Day contacts.  1D Ohio


Here's Bob - N0BIX out sitting in someone's field!


Here's Keith - WA8ZWJ "outstanding" in his neighbor's field!

The saying goes for the corn to be knee high by the 4th of July!  Hmm - already waste high at the end of June!

Many thanks to the contributors!

We hope you had a great Field Day weekend!  73!