Field Day 2018


This is Bob - N0BIX's Field Day 2018 shot!

Yes, he is in a field!


The next two shots are of Bob's first Field Day in 1980!


Bob shared a station with Hoss - WA5ZAI!


Sunday morning and Bob and Hoss are ready to head out to breakfast!


Now, back to 2018...

The next three shots were taken recently by Chuck - WB8NSL


The A frame where we used to do Field Day in West Virginia...

Back in the day, Charlie's father owned this property and we used it for Field Day.


Here's the current A frame from another angle...


Charlie says "Wind charger addition is very, very recent.  Kinda imagine it's performance is poor with fixed azimuth . . ."


Here's a shot of the A frame that was taken in 1980 with the generator in the foreground...


Here's a picture of the West Virginia Field Day group taken in 1982...


Here's another shot of the A frame taken across the pond in the 80's. 

If you look carefully you can see a vertical that is supported by the dock and a wire from a dipole attached to the light pole!

We used the water as a ground plane...


Back to 2018...

Here's a shot of Keith - WA8ZWJ 1D OH getting ready to pass out some Field Day contacts on Saturday afternoon.

Too bad you can't see the IOOK emblem on his shirt!


Charlie - WB8NSL's wife Pam took a couple of shots while Charlie was giving out a few Field Day contacts!


Charlie - WB8NSL 1D WV...


Pam also took a shot a painting of the A frame from back in the day...


Kristen - K6WX shared this shot from the PAARA Field Day!

Pink - K7ILA has officially been assimilated as a Vice President of The IOOK!  Congratulations Pink!

Many thanks to Kristen for making it happen!


Randy - KL7RF shared this shot with us...

Randy says "I had a good time with our local club's field day activities.  Here is a pix someone took of me and a few of the folks operating in Coshocton County. 

I don't ever think I will be able to top a N0BIX pix of field day :)"

Randy - KL7RF in foreground and KE8WIP


Mike - K8LMJ and Dave - W8TVC spent some time visiting some local Field Day sites.

Dave has shared these with us from one site that caught his attention.

Dave says "Here are some shots of the Field Day activities at the Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw."

The W8CCE communications van...







Kristen - K6WX also visited a bunch of different Field Day sites.

Here are some shots from the Foothills Amateur Radio Association




These are from the PAARA Field Day site...






These are from the South Bay Amateur Radio Association



These are from the West Valley Amateur Radio Association





To see all the photos that Kristen posted, you can click on the link below: Events/Field-Day-2018

Max - K1MAX shared a couple of shots from a before Field Day breakfast he attended.

The gang...




Lou - N8KXM has sent in some photos he took from our Field Day in West Virginia from 1993.

Here's what Lou had to say!

Hi Guys came across these snapshots from what might have been my first Field Day.

We were all just kids.

Don't know or remember the names of a lot of the guys in the group shot.







Back to 2018...

Joe - K0NEB sent this shot along.

He says "Me at the Lincoln Amateur Radio Club Field Day.  K0KKV - King Kong's Vampires!"

73 de K0NEB


We also received these shots from N6BOB...


He says" We set up portable in Bob‘s W6BO's front yard. 40 foot high G5 RV and small beam.

N6BOB With headphones working 20.


Bob W6BO working CW over on 40.


We took turns phone and CW. We made about 280 contacts generator power with cords running through the window into an air-conditioned room.

We operated about 12 hours on Saturday and about three hours on Sunday morning."



Sadly, it doesn't appear as many of our IOOK gang got shots of their participation during Field Day this year.

I apologize for the tardiness of getting this posted, but, I was waiting on more photos to arrive!

Of course, if more do come in I will be happy to add them!

73, Keith - WA8ZWJ