Field Day 2019


Here's Bob - N0BIX and his gnome in the field in the rain!

Yes, he is out sitting in his field!



Here's Keith - WA8ZWJ out standing in his neighbor's field!

At least his neighbor was able to get the field planted with all the rain they have had!


Here's Keith - WA8ZWJ handing out a few Field Day contact points!  1D - OH



Here's a copy of the proclamation that Michigan's Governor made declaring Amateur Radio Week that Tony - KD8SRQ sent along.

It also recognizes the efforts of Ham Radio operators and the importance of Field Day.

Congratulations Michigan!



Here are some shots that Wil - WB5YFX sent along from their Field Day activities near Corsicana, TX.

Wil tells me that NFLARC stands for Navarro Freestone Limestone Amateur Radio Club.






Here's a step back in history...

This is a shot from the IOOK Field Day activities in West Virginia back in 1983.



Now, back to 2019!


Here's Charlie - NN3V at Field Day!


I gathered the next five shots off of "Facebook" from Charlie - NN3V.

Charlie says "A wonderful weekend!  ARRL Amateur Radio Field Day.  This is one view at the Poway, CA FD site."


This guy is using a sling shot to get an antenna up in a tree!

Charlie says "A happy sight at Poway's ARRL Field Day site.  One of the visitors was an ARRL Scholarship award.  Lauren (center), flanked by sponsors (Gayle and Mike) who are Poway hams, is pursuing a college STEM degree."


Scouts earning their radio merit badge at Poway ARRL ham radio Field Day this weekend as part of ARRL Field Day event at Poway Lake!




Tony - KD8SRQ shared these Field Day photos and comments with us:

My first 'Elmer' has always invited me to see his digital setup at the local SATERN (Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network) location at the Mt. Clemens, MI Salvation Army Building.  There they have one room set up for 3 stations and they have access to another with room for 3 more (usually 2 though) and the gathering space to visit, eat (I know how important that is to us) and maybe set up another station. 

This first picture is their group banner.


This is a shot of their tower trailer that they can take out and set up when they are are sent to an emergency.  This shot shows the trailer set up with a couple of wire antennas hanging from it in the back of the Salvation Army building (it gets out, trust me).


This is a shot of me working their 40m phone station.  I worked it a couple of hours and got 9 contacts (including 1 YL through a pileup).


This is another shot of me , trying to figure out the callsign of a station that isn't booming through the speaker.  You can't see the quizzical look on my face.

Once again, this group was very open to letting a visitor (although a long time visitor) work a station for them and have a good time on the radio, and isn't that what Field Day is all about?  Also, it's a lot of fun working with a better antenna setup than the one I have at home (and home has a lot of noise on it too).

I also made about 9 contacts on Sunday, but, my logging program burped and barfed and I guess I will try and email those contacts to notify them.  I don't have a way to send in my log now in time.

Good Health and 73 to all.




Bill - WZ1L from Amesbury, MA shared these photos with us:

Bill says "We had a combined Field Day Ops, K1KKX and W1HP at one site.  We used W1HP as we could say Whiskey One Hewlett Packard.  The entity was from the digital entity imagery division of HP."


We also had a building for after dark or inclement weather.  It was a nice place with a wrap around veranda porch so we could move out of bright sun.

At dusk, we moved inside for the night.  We stayed in the building Sunday as there were cool breezes off the pond.


2 HF dipoles (80-10M) and a 6 meter beam."



Bruce - W6RBM has shared a couple of shots with us.

Bruce says "Happy to send a couple of shots along, even though there is no IOOK recognition.  I was too busy meeting, greeting, and plying the various leaders with questions as to groups and activities in the NorCal region.

The Sacramento Amateur Radio Club (SARC), University of California at Davis Radio Club (UCDRC), and Yolo County Amateur Radio Society (YARS) jointly sponsored the local setup.  They operated as a 2ASV (Sacramento Valley) category site for the full 24 hours."



Tom - W3TOM sent along the following info about why he doesn't have any photos to share...

Tom said "We were having so much fun operating FD that we did not have a chance to take any pictures...

Three Amateur Radio clubs go together for a supper-duper FD.  I made three new dipoles antennas that I was able to mount at about 100 feet above my
motorcoach with my pneumatic launcher and Debbie and I ran the ELAD radio.  WOW, what a weekend!  The highpoint of the weekend was Debbie's operation on
HF and having a blast... She ran on 40 Mtrs and then QSYed 20 Mtrs so she could work more sections.  Debbie manage to even work some DX... 

The weather was excellent!

73, Tom"


Here are a couple of shots and some comments that Randy - KL7RF shared with us:

Randy says "Here are a couple of shots from the Coshocton County Field Day. 

I had a great time operating the digital station.  Wow, what great weather!

73, Randy KL7RF"

Here's Randy!


Here's a sunset look at some of their antennas...



Here's a shot of Lou - N8KXM (on the left) at Field Day in Tennessee!


Here's a snap shot of Kristen - K6WX.


Kristen must have attended a bunch of different sites during the weekend.  Here's a link to a BUNCH of Field Day photos she has posted.


Got this from Chick - AC4CT after the first batch went out.  So, the stuff below has been added recently.

Chick says "Hi all!  

Here are a couple of shoots from FD with the Prairie Dog Amateur Radio Club that I operated with.  The digital station was in the tent.  We had rain all of Saturday and a little on Sunday.  We were set up in Tyndall, SD at  the city park."













Here is a link to some of the 2019 Field Day pictures we took at Poway.

There is one of four hams, with three wearing IOOK shirts. They are AI6RR (Glenn), W6EVO (Dave) and NN3V (Charlie).

The 4th. person is the scoutmaster who is also an IOOK VP, KK6FRK (Kevin).

The Poway hams hosted 20 scouts he brought so they could camp out overnight and work on their radio merit badge.  There are a couple of pictures of the scouts. All scouts qualified for their badge, made contacts on the GOTA station, and 2 of them said they are going to work ion getting a tech license.

The link is:

73 de NN3V




Many thanks to all the folks who contributed to this page!  


I have added something from K6WX and AC4CT.