N0BIXie's Field Day Addendum '08

posted 7/8/08


The following is from Bob, N0BIX:  

Hi Keith,

Very nice Field Day page.  Maybe you can append the following to it.

WA5ZAI/N0BIX Field Day Unofficial Extra Credit Points for AAA 
(Amenities, Ambience & Attitude)
The example pictures are from Field Days in the early '80s at Offutt AFB, NE.

The 2008 WV Field Day operation cleaned up on amenities but got zero for ambience.  Total points: 18.

Amenities: 16 points
Tractor and fishing pole accessories - 2
Annex - 2
Watching videos - 2
Skunk breakfast - 2
Beargaritas - 4
Sink - 4
See picture 1 for amenities example: cafe table and chairs.

(Editor's Note - Hmm - picture FD0001.jpg is a photo of a tent. - you don't suppose old N0BIXie is losing it, do you?)

(Editor's note- Aha!  Here we go.  This was actually labeled FD0002.jpg)


Ambience: 0 points
Sorry. See pictures 2 and 3 for examples: flower box and candelabra.

(Editor's note - OK - we already know that photo 1 is a tent and photo 2 is the table and chairs so I will just sort through the photos and try to figure out which one's he really means - too bad our group didn't get any points for Ambience on the BixZai Scale.  OK - photo #1 is of a tent but there is a flower box there, so, it must be the number 2 he is referring to.  3 is actually the candelabra.)


Attitude: 2 points
Meghan (NOCALL) logging - 2
Examples: Not shown, WA5ZAI and N0BIX providing a glass of champagne to anyone operating their station so they wouldn't have to.

(Oh sure, no photos of the champagne - or those strawberries he forgot to mention)


Picture 4: 
proper Sunday morning attire. (This was before IOOKware). 

(Hmm - an educated man like N0BIXie ought to know how to spell IOOK Wear!  Sheesh!)


Picture 5: 
Attire worthy of extra credit.

(Hmm - at least we had the decency not to ask our female attendees to disrobe!  As usual, N0BIXie's head is in the gutter!)

De WA5ZAI -  Atta Boy, Bob!  That is telling it like it is.  Great photos.  73, Hoss

Our special Thanks go to Bob, N0BIX for taking this trip down memory lane and to Hoss, WA5ZAI for his supportive comments!