West Virginia Field Day 1980

posted 8/19/14


These photos were recently retrieved from some very old slides that had been stored away for many years!



Here's Charlie - WB8NSL's dad's A frame in the country.  If you look carefully you can see the mast holding up the vertical antenna and some guy ropes.


Keith - WA8ZWJ's trailer with the generators and fuel.


Marian - WD8CJD operating


Charlie - WB8NSL operating


Marian is operating and Charlie is logging and checking for dupes...


Fan dipole on the back of the A frame


An old hit and miss engine in the storage shed behind the A frame


The road coming in and the white building is the outhouse!


A look at the A frame from near the generators


Kenwood HF rig, Heathkit Amplifier, Bencher paddles for CW


A look up at the vertical with it's ground plane underneath


A look at the generators from the A frame


A look up at the fan dipole


The vertical from another angle


Keith - WA8ZWJ at Charlie's jeep.  We couldn't bring the van in because the road was very muddy.


Operating time has expired.  Now to take things down.


The vertical is coming down!


Packing up...



Charlie and Pam's son, Ryan.


Yet another step back in time!  Yee haw!