West Virginia Field Day 1982

posted 8/19/14

These photos were recently recovered from some very old slides!



Keith - WA8ZWJ's van, motorcycle and trailer are ready to head to West Virginia for Field Day!


We are back at the A frame this year!  Here's Charlie - WB8NSL with a tri-band beam leaned up against the A frame.


Tom - WD8JPP is enjoying a brewsky!  Nope, that isn't Dew!  :-)


Bill - KA8ZBW is logging and duping for Tony - WD8BOT


The back of the A frame.  Tom's camper is on the left and the tri-band beam and a 6 meter beam are attached to his camper.


Tom - WB8KUH is checking the generator for the amplifier...


One end of the dipoles are supported by this ladder in the foreground!


Tom is inspecting the other generator.


Tom - WB8KUH taking a load off his feet!


Don "Da Bear" - KE8NK is logging and duping for Tony - WD8BOT


Here's Bill - KA8ZBW!


Tony is running CW using a program he wrote for the Commodore computer!


Tom - WB8KUH


The front of the A frame with Tom's camper on the left.  Look carefully.  Tom had to use several boards to support the front right of the camper to get it level!  It is West Virginia after all!


Charlie enjoys his hot dog!


The next morning Bill is cooking breakfast in the kitchen of the A frame!


Tom enjoying his breakfast!


Tom - WB8KUH enjoys his breakfast too!


Here's what is left of his bacon and eggs!


There's a long story behind multiple group pictures after Field operations are concluded that we won't go into here!


Suffice it being said that a good time is always had!


L-R front Don - KE8NK, Tom - WD8JPP. Charlie - WB8NSL, Tony - WD8BOT
Back - Keith - WA8ZWJ, Tom - WB8KUH, Bill - KA8ZBW


Another fun weekend is concluded!

Thanks to the West Virginia guys for hosting us!