West Virginia Field Day 1983

posted 10/7/14


Yes, more slides from the distant past have been recovered and converted to digital images!  Here is yet another Blast From The Past!  Enjoy!


Here we are in Pennsboro, West Virginia!  This is Charlie - WB8NSL's son Ryan.


Ryan is inspecting the goodies in Keith - WA8ZWJ's trailer.


This is the road heading back to the City Park.


Sure hope it doesn't rain any more this weekend!


Charlie - WB8NSL has found the City Park.


There's the shelter.  Hmm, looks like the grass needs to be mowed.


Yep!  It needs to be mowed.


Ah, this is looking better!  Charlie - WB8NSL has been busy with the push mower!


Charlie says "Looky here!  I dun mowed the grass!"


"Hmm - I wonder what call we should use this year?"


Keith - WA8ZWJ and Don, Da Bear - KE8NK do some last minute soldering to an antenna.


Ah, this is looking better!



The generators are set up.  One for the phone station and the other for the CW station.


Tony - WD8BOT looks a bit perplexed!  For some reason the program he has written for the Vic-20 for CW will not key the transceiver.

Tony contacted his XYL and she looked up something for him in a book at home and he modified the program and then recompiled it!


Aha!  That was it!  Now it is working!  Yee haw!  The CW station is now operational!



Field Day has started and we are on the air!



Charlie is operating the phone station.

For some unknown reason this is the only photo of the phone station being operated, however, it did run for the full 24 hours.


Da Bear, Tony and Charlie...



Tony and Da Bear


Tony and Charlie...


Charlie and Tony...


Field Day is over!  We used the call of WB8NSL!

Keith - WA8ZWJ, Don - Da Bear - KE8NK, Charlie - WB8NSL and Tony - WD8BOT

This is your only other look at the phone station!


As always, a fun time was had!