Memorial to Cap'n Jack

posted 7/17/11


The following was submitted by Lou - N8KXM


Capt. Jack "AWAB" Ketcher
Nov. 1920 - Sept. 2010



I met Capt. Jack in the early summer of 1995.

Jack got his title Captain because he was one.  Jack's career was spent as a boat Captain for a family from the Chicago 
area for over 30 yrs.  Piloting a 55 ft twin masted sailing yacht from Chicago to Harbor Springs Michigan named the 

"AWAB"  (All Women Are Beautiful)

during the summer months and from time to time to Florida in the winter.  One summer vacation we all went to the Harbor Springs area and we got to see the AWAB first hand.


The boat was sold soon after that visit and now is located in South America you can see her by going to:


Jack retired and was spending his winters in Florida.  During one of those winters he and my mom had become quite close.  When spring came my mom returned to Ohio and Jack returned to the Chicago area for the summer.  Well the separation was too much for them to handle and they soon were spending all their time together.

the photos included here do not correspond to the text.  They are inserted for your memory of Cap'n Jack!

from the Yuma Hamfest 2008




He was very talented and did a number of things during his life.  In addition to being a boat captain he was a ship builder during World War 2.  The AWAB was on loan to the department of the Navy and was patrolling the waters of the the lower Mississippi River and as he put it "I had to do something for the war effort".  Jack was also a Harmonica player, Square dance caller, wood carver and 
many other things.




Jack had a mild interest in Ham Radio and would often listen in when I was on the air.  He also would make sure we installed a mobile radio in the motor home for trips if I were along.  After we were at the camp site he would help with the HF station set up.



Jack came to live with us following my moms passing and we included him in a lot of our activities, and some of those activities involved the IOOK which he fit right in.  Jack always would say what a great group of guys we are and I could tell he wanted to belong too.  Jack got his wish.  He was inducted into the IOOK at The Yuma Hamfest in 2008.  Jack was so pleased to be part of the group and every year around mid 
April he would get Hamvention fever and worry about his shirt.





Jack passed away on Sept. 9, 2010 one of his last comments were "Shoot! 
I'm not going to make it to 90!"  He died 2 months short of that goal.




Jack was a good and a great man and will be missed by all those he knew 
and knew him.


(Ed Note - I'll bet Cap'n Jack was telling a whopper!)


Jack's memorial service will be this August at Harbor Springs where we 
will spread his ashes as he requested.

This is a little memorial we started before Saturday.  The model is of the AWAB that is displayed in the dinning room at the
cottage, the official Captains hat he wore at times on the right, and a bottle of Seagrams 7, his favorite liquor.


This is the group as we prepare to spread Jack's ashes.  The boat we are in is the Boston Whaler Jack used carry passengers to and from the AWAB at anchor.


This is the plaque that was given to Jack by one of the local marinas when he retired bestowing the title of "Prince Pirate of the Great Lakes" on Jack.

Respectfully submitted, Lou - N8KXM

R.I.P. Cap'n Jack!