K8CEB Memorial


Allen R. (Little Al) Fisher – K8CEB

1929-1995 (I think)

I met Little Al when I was in High School band….before I was a ham and before I even knew what ham radio was.  Al was a volunteer working with us at the Traverse City Central High School marching band.  He always got along with kids of high school age. He was known to throw pizza parties and listen to Metallica and AC/DC.  Al even had his hair dyed various colors depending on what was “in” at the time.  For an old guy (to us 15-18 year olds) he was pretty hip.  Later on I became re-acquainted with Al through the local Ham clubs in Traverse City.

Al was a founding member of the Northwest Michigan Amateur Radio Club (Krazy 8’s) and the Northwest Michigan Chapter of the IOOK.

Al worked part time as a percussion instructor at Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan and the rest of the time he was their piano tuner. He even lived on campus in their mobile home park.

Little Al was legally blind but once while flying with W8TVC (then not a ham either) the tower called and said there was traffic.  It was a DC9 at 10 o’clock and 4000 feet (or something like that).  Anyway, Dave W8TVC said he couldn’t see it and little Al piped up and pointed right at it.  Another story we all heard about Little Al was he once had a Honda motor bike that he used to ride around the campus at Interlochen.  When anyone heard him coming they made sure they got off the sidewalks, roads and trails because they all knew he couldn’t see all that good.  The school eventually told Al that he would have to sell his motor bike and go back to walking or hitching a ride with the Interlochen transportation dept.

Al’s hobbies were Ham Radio, Flying, Model Aircraft, Model Trains, Music of any kind and harassing the local hams (in a Fun kind of way).

I remember many nights spent talking to Al on the “Late night liars club net “ on the 146.98 repeater in Cadillac Michigan till 3 in the morning along with the other liars like Rotten Russell, WA8SDM , Big Al, KB8FJB and  Ray, KA8PRV and a few others.

We in Northwest Michigan miss Little AL and every time I see someone eating ribs with the sauce all over their face, I remember Little Al Fisher, K8CEB.

Respectfully submitted by Mike, N7LMJ