KA8BAA Memorial

Robert (Bob/Jonesy) Jones KA8BAA


I first met Bob back in '64 when we moved into the present neighborhood.  Over a period of years we developed a long lasting friendship that included many common interests.  He was a major point of encouragement regarding me becoming active in Ham Radio.

Bob worked for GM as an electrical engineer whose specialty was large industrial generators.  During WWII he also worked on some aircraft for the Air Force to improve some concerns about the landing gear.  Of course, all that work was top secret at the time.

He loved camping even though he was so fair skinned that he had to take special precautions against being exposed to the sun.  Also among his interests was flying as he did obtain his pilot's license.  He always maintained a positive outlook on life, but was among the best in verbal agitation.

Bob had numerous open heart surgeries and had a state of the art pacemaker installed as well.  Because of his extensive experience with open-heart surgery and his concern for those who were scheduled for open-heart surgery, he was very active in the Mended Hearts Society as a pre-surgery counselor.

Respectfully submitted, Earl (Bing) Crosby (KA8KME)