KB8ZFR Memorial

Helen Carver – KB8ZFR

High School Teacher and Councilor for over 32 years  

Helen and I (KA8ZBW – Bill) were together for 19 years.  I was Helen’s second husband.  Just six months after she and her first husband were married, he became a Ham Radio Operator and Helen became a Ham Radio Widow.  This was part of the reason for their divorce.  In 1985 Helen and I got married and shortly thereafter, thanks to Keith, WA8ZWJ, I got my Ham Radio License.  Needless to say, Helen was not very happy.  I decided to stick with being a model Ham only.  With, however, some consternation.

If I didn’t turn the radio off when she was in the car, and the “so called” useless noise and burping came over the radio she would make comments like “TURN THAT FRAPPING THING OFF!”

After several urges, many years later and an increase in the possible needs for her to have her Ham Radio License, I made the comment “Hell, if you don’t get your license for any other reason, get it to piss off your first husband!”

Helen got her license four months later and referred to herself as the “ZeFfeR”.

Respectfully Submitted, Bill Carver (KA8ZBW)