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This was sent out by Chuck's daughter...Dave - K3CRF got this from the Facebook postings...


In great sadness, I regret to inform all of my father's friends and family that my father, Charles L Carroll, passed away on May 11, 2017.  I am told that he passed from natural causes at his home in Vermont.  I had spoken with him the day before and he said he felt like he was fighting the flu.  Aside from that he was doing very well.  Funeral arrangements have not been made yet.  I am in Vermont trying to organize his affairs.  As soon as I have information regarding the funeral, I will post it here on Facebook so everyone knows.  In the meantime, if anyone has questions, they can contact me via my Facebook account or his Home phone number.  You can also private message me and I can give you my cell phone number.  Please feel free to leave comments on his Facebook page, as I have changed the settings in order to allow comments.  I would love to hear from his friends, any stories that they may have.  When the time comes, I will memorialize this page.  There are many things I am trying to deal with right now, so if you try to call or get a hold of me, please know I may not be available right away, but I will get back to you as soon as I can.  If you know others that are not on Facebook that knew my father, please forward this information to them.  Thank you.


This shot is from an IOOK HamVention dinner in 1987.


I just want to update everyone.  My father's funeral is scheduled for June 5th at 2 p.m. in Lynnwood Washington at Floral Hills.  There will be a viewing from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  As many of you know, my brother Joseph also passed away.  His funeral will be at the same place but on June 9th at 3 p.m. tentatively.  For those of you who have asked where donations can be sent in memory of My Father. Here is the contact information:

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society 

875 N. Randolph St., Suite 225

Arlington, Virginia 22203-1767




Very sad news indeed. Chuck was a very nice person.

I will miss his cheerful contacts.

May he rest in peace with the Lord.

73 de NN3V





Thanks, Keith, for passing along the sad news about Chuck's passing.

He visited us at our home in San Antonio, and I recall many exchanges he and Bert had along the way.  He was  joy to know and count among friends we have encountered along the Ham pathway.  I do not recall the last visit he made to us at home in San Antonio, but he did come to see us in El Paso when we were there.  We sat in the swing on our front porch exchanging stories and news about our kids and their lives.  We affectionately dubbed him "Chuckie-Baby" and he is listed in our address book as just that!  Though I was never a "ham" in the true sense, I  did benefit from all the perks Bert shared to include me in his ham circle of friends until his passing in January 2010.   Chuck was open and honest as we exchanged our views about the military life and how it impacted our lives as families and individuals.  I valued his opinions and his honesty.    His presence  will leave a giant void in our lives.

Evie Walker



Hoss and Chuck during HamVention 1990...


I always enjoyed visiting with Chuck.  He was a fun guy to be around!

It is too bad he kind of got out of touch with a lot of the IOOK over the years.

I have fond memories of our times together in the D.C. area as well as here at HamVention!

R.I.P. Chuck!  You will be missed!

73, Keith - WA8ZWJ