The IOOK Pays Tribute To Mr. Ed, N8NCO


Mr. Ed was a retired New York City firefighter.  He was an interesting and entertaining person to be around.  He always had an intellectual view point on any subject.  When his wife's time on earth was drawing to an end, he and his son John, KF8KK kept a bed side vigil, refusing to have her be put into an institution.  They cared for her every need until she had passed.  After his wife's passing he and John grew to be very close.  They worked together side by side on many projects which included the remodeling of two homes in Arizona and two homes near Empire, Michigan.  He always had a positive outlook on life and was willing to share his outlook with all.  The IOOK will sincerely miss Mr. Ed.


In John's (KF8KK) own words:  "My father passed on on Monday morning about 3am after a (thankfully) short period of suffering with the reappearance of the (rare and aggressive) Merkel Cell Carcinoma that had originally appeared as a small lump on his nose last fall.    In the fall the lump was removed and he received radiation treatments to the head and neck.  He recovered from these quite well, but in late April started to develop back pain and eventually it was discovered that the cancer had spread to his bones and created tumors throughout his body.   June 14th he was clipping coupons for the supermarkets and making the rounds, three weeks later he was fully bedridden, and died at home at 2:57am on Monday 7/11.     Thankfully his rapid decline was not accompanied by severe pain due to the miracles of modern medical chemistry.   He lived a full and happy 80.5 years and had plenty of vitality and charisma up until he met his match called Merkel.

Thanks for your interest, concerns, and best wishes.   Please remember my dad in your prayers."

John Martin