Ron Murdock - W6KJ Memorial


August 19, 1940 - April 1, 2017



Ronald Murdock, Lt. Col. USAF Retired. passed away in his home, on April 1, 2017, after a year long battle with Multiple Myeloma.  He was born August 19, 1940 in San Jose, CA.  He is preceded by his parents Robert and Alice Murdock.  Ronald is survived by his wife Jo Anne Hudson Murdock, sons Guy Murdock, Andy Murdock, daughter-in-law Holly Karmanocky and his beloved granddaughters Mia and Taylor Murdock.  He is also survived by three brothers, Bruce, John and Frank, sister Sara and numerous nephews, nieces, and cousins.



Ron served twenty five years in the US Air Force in a career that included twelve years in B-52's as a radar navigator, a tour at the National Security Agency, a tour at Offutt AFB Looking Glass Airborne Control Systems as a squadron intelligence commander, and as DOX for the U2 and SR71 at Beale AFB.  He had over 350 bombing missions over Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War and was awarded two Distinguished Flying Crosses and over 20 Air Medals.  His was truly a stellar career.



After his military retirement Ron became a substitute teacher in the Yuba Sutter area and will be remembered fondly by many of his former students, especially those who attended Lincoln and Lincrest schools where he was the "go to" sub for many years.  He also served as a member of the Sutter County Grand Jury.



Ron was active in amateur radio in the local area and taught ham radio classes for many years, and was a mentor to many of the local "hams".  He put this hobby to good use by helping out in local emergencies providing radio communications during flood evacuations and fires.  



Ron was also an elected official for many years of the ARRL (American Radio Relay League) serving as Sacramento Valley Section Manager.



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Jo Anne added these comments...

Ron thought the world of the IOOK even if he wasn't able to fully participate in all of the activities. 

He considered all of you to be part of his extended family. 

Jo Anne



Bob - N6BOB sent this in about Ron...

Ron Murdock, W6KJ, Extra Class Ham Radio Operator and former Sacramento Valley Section manager, died on  April 1st, 2017 after battling Multiple Myeloma (a blood cancer) the past year.  Ron leaves behind his wife, Jo Anne, and two adult sons Guy and Andy Murdock.  He was born in 1940 in San Jose, CA.

Most of us know Ron from his helpful demeanor as a Volunteer Examiner or as a Ham radio class instructor.  He also taught as a substitute teacher in the Yuba Sutter area.  He was a popular teacher with Lincoln and Lincrest school students and Yuba City High School Students. 

Ron supported the YSARC by being President and board member many times over the years.  He was a pillar of "ham" knowledge in our community and was frequently willing to lend a hand at an antenna raising.  He knew the importance of careful safety while erecting an antenna.

Ron has a beautiful four element Quad that gave him a big signal from the west coast.  Sunday mornings at 6 AM he faithfully checked into the IOOK (international order of Krazies ) net on 14.215 Mhz.  He found a life long relationship with  a group of Air Force Buddies that chat weekly from the four corner of the USA.  He made the effort to attend the Dayton HamVention in May to see the latest technology in ham radio and visit with these friends in the evenings I was able to join him three times and had a great time too.  This group has all members as a Vice President and that is the only office.  The President does not attend the "meetings" in Dayton just all the Vice Presidents.

He had a motor home where he and Jo Anne traveled locally and across country looking up his Murdock family history.  It also served as a ham station for his many field day efforts here locally.  He had a battery and generator on board so he could run 100 watts and have air conditioning too.  Very nice here in the Sacramento Valley..

Ron was always on the forefront of radio technology such as: Rtty, PSK31, Satellite work, CW and SSB.  He was a lifelong ARRL member and will be missed my many hams not only in the Sacramento Valley Section but across the USA.  He always had a thoughtful work to share.  We will miss you OM.  73, Your Ham Buddies. SK


Ron was introduced to the IOOK while he was stationed at Offutt Air Force Base through getting to know

Hoss - WA5ZAI and Bob - N0BIX as well as others.

He has been an active IOOK Vice President checking into the IOOK Sunday morning nets as well as 

attending many of the hamfests where the IOOK has had a presence.

He will be missed by the IOOK!

RIP Ron!

Respectfully submitted by Keith - WA8ZWJ