W8CUJ Memorial

Robert (Bob) Montgomery W8CUJ

1912 - 2001

I first met Bob in 1939 when I went to work at Midwest Optical Supply.  Bob worked in the shop doing final grindings and other assorted jobs associated with fitting the lenses to the frames.  Bob did experimental work on contact lenses and made many early developments in the contact lens field.  He maintained a shop in his basement where he conducted early contacts lens development and made many pairs of contact lenses.  He was an optician who owned and operated Custom Contacts Lens Service and who worked for over 50 years in the optical field.

Bob was an avid Bridge player.  He was also an avid golfer. 

Bob worked for me on the HamVention committee usually in the D.A.R.A. booth when I was General Chairman and worked on various committees for 40 years.  He was a very easy-going fellow who kept a lot to himself.   Bob was often seen but not heard.

He frequented several Ham Radio related lunches on a regular basis with a variety of Ham Radio acquaintances across town.

He was dedicated to helping others and willing to make the effort to do a project right.

Respectfully Submitted, Ted Suarez (K8BSC)