WA1WPI Memorial

Doris Rose Fisher – WA1WPI

1917 - 2006

Doris held her amateur radio license for about 30 years, enjoying weekly schedules with her daughter Carolanne, WA1RNM and two of her 
three sons, Randy KL7RF and Bob, N0BIX.  An avid member of the IOOK, she enjoyed driving from Massachusetts each year to attend the 
HamVention and especially The Gathering.  When she was no longer able to drive out to Dayton, she always wanted to be remembered to those 
at The Gathering and enjoyed seeing the pictures and videos of the event.


Doris was a highly intelligent and adventuresome woman.  A member of Phi Beta Kappa and graduating with a master’s degree from Columbia 
University, she was teaching high school math at the age of 18!  When she was about 70 years old, her grandson Ron arrived from college 
with a copy of Einstein's theory of special relativity.  She said that she had always wanted to read that, so, she did.  In the years following her husband Bill’s death in 1969, she did a lot of traveling to church conventions, college alumni events and of course visits to her children and their families scattered about the country.  She drove three times from Massachusetts to British Columbia and Alaska to visit Carolanne and Randy, one time completely alone.

I remember one story she told of one of her 15-meter schedules from Massachusetts to Carolanne in B.C.  During that sked “conditions” were 
particularly poor with each of them just hearing enough to tell the other one was there.  She then realized she was hooked up to her dummy 
load!  In her last few months, her short term memory was not good, but when I visited her just 4 weeks before she passed away, we heard her 
verbalizing Randy’s call sign in Morse code.

Mom lived 89 wonderful years and will be missed by family, friends, and, of course, the IOOK.

Respectfully submitted: Bob, N0BIX

IOOK pictures: 1992 & 1997, back from Alaska 1979, flowers from IOOK.

Many thanks to Bob for all his efforts in submitting the above information and pictures.