Hossein (Hoss) Karimi - WA5ZAI Memorial

June 30, 1930 - September 13, 2017


This shot was taken in February of 2017.

Keith - WA8ZWJ, Hoss - WA5ZAI and Margareth



This shot of Margareth and Hoss was taken in February of 2010.



This shot of Keith and Hoss was taken in February of 2017.


He will be, and he is, missed.  Rest in peace, my friend.  Chas.  AI0OK  

Here are Hoss and Chas.

I knew him for just a short time.  I looked forward to his Yuma visits and when I could get to Dayton.  Rest in Peace my dear friend.  Ti NJ6T


This is from February of 2011.


Keith, Thanks for passing this email along... Hoss was weak two years ago and I could see this coming... He was a great ham and will be missed by the ham community and his family.   73 friend... Bob N6BOB


This picture was taken in February of 2012.

Very sad news.  He will be in our prayers.  Jack KC7DUU

Amen!  We will all miss Hoss!  Max - K1MAX

Sad news indeed, Keith.  Hoss was a most remarkable individual - a very impressive fellow, and so friendly.  Our prayers for Margareth, family, and for you.   Very sorry, Bruce W6RBM

This photo was taken in February of 2013 about one week after Hoss's first stroke.


Hi Keith, Thanks for the news, unwelcome as it was.  May he be 3 days in Heaven before the Devil knows he's gone!  RIP  Randy AB8CO 


Dear Margareth,

I am so sorry to receive the news about Hoss. Know that you and the kids are in our thoughts.  Hoss meant a great deal to so many of us.

You have done an amazing job.  Your strength and dedication to Hoss is remarkable and commendable.  You certainly are in our prayers.

Sincerely,  Jim Shideler, W5JCS


Hoss loved crossword puzzles!  Taken February of 2010.


It is at a sad time like this that I contemplate not just the loss of a friend, but the changing of a era. While I think about Hoss, a good friend, it also causes me to reflect on his good friend and mine, Joe Buswell K5JB, and the friendship they shared that brought them together and the friendship I thankfully was able to share with both of them.  I am sad, but grateful that I have been so fortunate to have had these very interesting and colorful people in my life.  Things may change, but that does not mean that Hoss or Joe will be forgotten. 

The great French aviator pilot and writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery, author of the wonderful novella book, The Little Prince, has written:

"He who has gone, so we but cherish his memory, abides with us, more potent, nay, more present
than the living man."

And I hope that in each of us, we abide, cultivate, and cherish our strong memory and love of both of these great personalities, and that they never leave us.

73, Hoss.

Micheal Salem N5MS


Well written Mike.  I think you have accurately expressed all of our thoughts.

Hoss....you will be missed.

Bill - N9AYD


Here's Hoss and Trooper out for a walk in February of 2015.


We've lost a wonderful friend, an admirable person, and certainly one of the great among VPs of the IOOK.

I will miss him enormously.

May he rest in peace. 

73 de NN3V

This shot was taken at Charlie - NN3V's in February of 2010.


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Tom - W5KUB sent along this information in December of 2017:

Keith , I was looking through some old log books and I see that I worked Hoss WA5ZAI on 11 Sept 1970.  I have his location as Oklahoma City.  Looks like he may have run a phone patch for me.     Who would have known, we had talked 45 years ago.