WA8EEA Memorial

Dale Kochersperger - WA8EEA

1925 - 1990  

Dale, WA8EEA, was a friend and one of the original members of the IOOK.  I met Dale after I returned from an assignment in Iran in 1979.  Somehow I was contacted by him and was asked to make a presentation to the local radio club regarding amateur radio the licensing and operation overseas.  I had been licensed as EP2OK in Iran and had operated a radio station in Teheran before my “premature” departure due to the Islamic revolution.

This radio club presentation resulted in a long lasting friendship with Dale and his lovely wife, Linda.  I also learned that he, like myself, belonged to the Masonic fraternity which further enhanced our friendship.

Dale was a hard worker.  At one point in time he worked two full time jobs and slept in four hour shifts between them.  He was very handy with tools and built many useful cabinets of beauty and precision.

Throughout the coming years we kept up with each other and on many occasions Dale visited me in Washington DC and we attended many Hamfests in that area.  Dale had a unique knack for bringing joy and laughter into one’s life.  I recall how he participated in the game “Win, Lose Or Draw” which made all participants laughing so hard that we were all in tears!  By the way, Dale was one of our IOOK net regular participants and hardly missed the schedule.  He was also a frequent radio companion for those of us who had HF available as we traveled from place to place.  He always had a smile on his face!

We lost Dale to bone and lung cancer.  I recall that when it occurred, I happened to be visiting Dayton on business and was privileged to attend his services and be able to say farewell to a wonderful friend.  Dale is gone from our midst, but he will never be forgotten.

Respectfully submitted, Hoss (WA5ZAI)