WB8OOE Memorial


Robert M. Libengood, WB8OOE

or better known as "Eight Hundred E"

(1917-2000) (2000-83=1917)


To me he was Uncle Bob, so I do not know when we first met.  He has always been a part of my life.  Even though I had always wanted to be a amateur radio operator, it was not until he became licensed as a ham that I became serious about it.  Once I passed the test, he was there to make sure I was able to get on the air.  He helped me make my first contact, which was WA8ZWJ on two meters.  I know he successfully encouraged others to get their ham tickets as well. 

On occasion he would bring something over to be fixed.  So while I was fixing the item, he would spend time with my wife and son.  Bob not only helped family members, he has helped many others.  Typically by loaning them something, be it a rig or antenna or something else or even many words of wisdom.

Two things that are no doubt memories for everyone is how he became known as "Eight Hundred E", and his story telling.  When he first passed the test to get his license, he was waiting for it to show up in the mail.  One day his wife Anna called him at work to say he got a letter from the FCC.  As he did not want to wait to get home (sounds like a kid) he had Anna open it up and read his call letters to him over the phone.  She read it to him as "W B 800 E".  So he became "Eight Hundred E".  Anyone who has spent time with him has heard him tell the story of "Eight Hundred E" as well as many other stories.

73,  Jim,  WB8VSU