WD8JPP - Tom Maguire

3/12/41 - 10/22/12

posted 10/27/12


WD8JPP at HamVention 2012


MAGUIRE, Thomas E. Age 71, of Ludlow Falls , OH passed away October 22, 2012. He was born March 12, 1941, in Jackson Heights , New York , to his parents John and Ella (Welch) Maguire. He is survived by his wife Barbara J. (Kent) Maguire; daughter Carla Campbell of Ludlow Falls, two grandchildren Kathryn and Molly, one great grandchild Michel, brother Don Maguire of West Virginia, and sister Shelia Waddill, of Florida and several nieces and nephews. Tom was a lifelong amateur radio operator call sign WD8JPP and volunteered and assisted with providing communication at many community events. He was a retired National Elevator Constructor. Funeral services will be held 7:00 PM Thursday, October 25, at Hale-Sarver Family Funeral Home, 284 N. Miami Street, West Milton. Friends may call Thursday from 5:00-7:00pm at the funeral home. Burial will be at Jones Cemetery in Flat Rock, Illinois . In lieu of flowers a donation may be made to the Thomas Maguire scholarship for continuing electronic technology c/o Milton-Union Alumni Association PO Box 383, West Milton, OH 45383.


Granddaughter, Molly and WD8JPP at Findlay Hamfest 2011



I met Tom on the air on a local 220 repeater many, many years ago.  He carried a 220 HT on the job he had as an elevator repairman.  Because he was frequently in the penthouse of many buildings, he always had good coverage with his HT. 

Over the years we did many things together.  We attended many hamfests together.  We also did a number of Field Days together….some in Ohio and others in West Virginia.  On one of the trips to West Virginia Tom brought his motor home.  Of course, there is no flat ground in West Virginia, so Tom had to elevate the front end of his motor home a couple of feet to get it level!  I hope to find a photo in the archives of that Field Day trip!

We also did a number of VHF contests from his QTH many years ago.  One of the first of those contests he offered me a Swisher Sweet Cigar and that got me started.

I recently saw Tom at the Findlay Hamfest in September.  He was his usual self trying to hide from my camera.

My biggest regret regarding Tom is I never figured out what I did to upset him enough that he quit attending IOOK functions 4 or 5 years ago.  When I confronted him, he simply told me that I took things way too seriously.  I wish we had been able to mend the fences.

I will always remember Tom as being handy to help out with projects.  One time, again many years ago, when Marian and I lived in Union, he helped me out with putting a beam on top of my tower.  Later, about 30 plus years ago, when Marian and I moved out into the country, he was a major contributor in removing the repeater tower from Union and bringing it out to the country here.  We moved the tower and repeater system all in one day thanks to his assistance!  He was the primary TOP man!

It truly is unfortunate that a tower incident brought on his eventual demise.

Tom was talented in many ways.  One of his home towers was built out of spare parts from elevator rails.  The chair I am sitting in, as I type this note, was welded by Tom when it’s original factory weld broke.

Another time I remember was when we painted his garage in Ludlow Falls.  We came across a nasty wasp nest.  He went and got a can of WD-40.  Then he proceeded to light the WD-40 as it came out of the can’s spout and burn the nest!  No more wasps!

Speaking of Ludlow Falls reminds me of the wonderful holiday gatherings we had at Tom and Barbara’s.  We would meet at their place for fun and spirits and then walk down to see the lights on the Ludlow Falls that the Fire Department had set up.  Then we would return to their place for more spirits and fun!

I will miss Tom!

RIP my friend!

Sincerely, Keith, WA8ZWJ


WD8JPP and W8AK at Findlay Hamfest 2012



My deepest sympathies to the Maguire family.  

I have many good memories of Tom, especially when I was at the Pentagon and he was working in the DC area.  We shared many dinners together.  In his own way, Tom was a unique individual, and even though we did not mix and mingle in our later lives, I shall always remember him.  

Rest in peace my friend, and may God keep you in the palms of His merciful hands.

Hoss Karimi, WA5ZAI


WD8JPP at Findlay Hamfest 2012



Four most memorable things were:

* The extreme amount of leveling to get his mini motor home "on level" the first FD WV for him.

* Also with the strength of Tom's hands that he could manage rather large size nuts with just his "miniature 4 inch Crescent wrench".  He never failed to have the wrench with him.  One time at HamVention I bet him a dollar that he didn't have it with him.  I lost the bet!

* Always will remember Tom for never getting in such a hurry with anything that some humorous comments would ever be skipped.  That endeared him with the I.O.O.K.

* Some of the "elevator talk" associated with his occupation would serve to just crack up folks not associated with his trade.  Always remember him saying: "Raise it down!"

Best 73, Chuck, WB8NSL


WD8JPP and N8ADN in ADN's back yard 1985



Will do - been thinking of some of my favorites.  Agitate bug and harass...

Same one?  Same one!

Jackrabbits, Porcupines n Polecats!


WD8JPP at Fort Wayne Hamfest 2011



We have lost a very good friend.


WD8JPP in his shack January of 1983



I remember when we (and a few other radio amateurs) went to Tom & Barb's house for the Ludlow Falls Christmas lights and then they were gracious enough to have us back to the house for snacks and fellowship.  Fun!

Marian, WD8CJD


WD8JPP and WA8ZWJ at HamVention 1983



I first remember Tom when we held the first Indy Gathering at our home in Noblesville.  Quite a guy.  Lots of energy in all things.  I think he would do almost anything for a friend.  He and I liked to talk about older cars.  He used to have a 1959 Ford and was amazed that I knew it was "The Most Beautiful Proportioned Car".  That comment was from an old ad that he too remembered.  Tom was always impressed that I knew that old sales pitch.

John, N5AAA




Our sincere condolences and best wishes to Tom's family!